Wednesday, 1 August 2012

For the advanced stages of cinephilia

The Dresser (1983)   
Tom Courtenay reanimates Albert Finney
As Hitler bombards theatres, Sir (Albert Finney), a veteran stage actor touring Britain with a troupe of unfit-to-serve leftovers, loses himself in a confusion of Shakespearian roles. Εxacting and sarcastic, half-mad and childlike, Sir struggles to prepare for yet another performance of King Lear. The only man who refuses to give up on the capricious egomaniac is his homosexual dresser Norman (Tom Courtenay). Norman pampers, threatens, nurses, pleads and loyally does everything earthly conceivable to pull his master together and get him through the night. Magnificent performances, impeccably directed, a penetrating often humorous screenplay; this Oscar-nominated backstage drama about human relationships is flawless.