Thursday, 25 November 2010

Coral Castle: A Tale of Love Or Science?

Edward Leedskalnin was not a simple man. He was not wealthy and his was not educated. But he did manage to fall in love. The girl, however had a change of heart and broke their engangement. And that is how, supposedly the whole story of his life began. Over a period of twenty years, he dedicated his time into handling and building massive blocks of coral in what would eventually become a whole castle. Reminds of a Scott Fitzgerald novel, hey? Well, that's where some scientists have a different point of view. Putting aside the story, and just examining the tones of this monument one cannot but reconsider. How could a single man manage to lift a pyramid like stone, when the principals of physics are against any such venture? There are certainly many theories, including that Edward Leedskalnin had solved this problem by the use of anti-gravity! True or not, his life story is a fascinating one and there is a coral castle out there to prove it.