Thursday, 25 November 2010

Violent Femmes

The American alternative folk punk band
"Violent Femmes" is a trio with singer, guitarist and songwriter Gordon Gano in the lead. Gano wrote most of his songs during puberty, therefore his lyrics bring out his troubled youth's frustration, confusion and lust. Their compositions are never-ending improvisations and The New York Times consider Gano to be the "oldest representative of teenage rage".

Trivia: Gano was only in 10th grade when he came up with "Country Death Song" after reading a 1862 news article about a man who intentionally threw his daughter into a well and then hanged himself in his barn.


Kiss Off

I need someone a person to talk to
someone who'd care to love
could it be you could it be you
situation gets rough then I start to panic
it's not enough it's just a habit
hey kid you're sick well darling this is it
you can all just kiss off into the air
behind my back I can see them stare
they'll hurt me bad but I won't mind
they'll hurt me bad they do it all the time

Country Death Song

I had me a wife, I had me some daughters.
I tried so hard, I never knew still waters.
Nothing to eat and nothing to drink.
Nothing for a man to do but sit around and think.
Well, I'm a thinkin' and thinkin', till there's nothin' I ain't thunk.
Breathing in the stink, till finally I stunk.
It was at that time, I swear I lost my mind.
I started making plans to kill my own kind.
Come little daughter," I said to the youngest one,
Put your coat on, we'll have some fun.
We'll go out to mountains, the one to explore.
Her face then lit up, I was standing by the door.
Come little daughter, I will carry the lanterns.
We'll go out tonight, we'll go to the caverns.
We'll go out tonight, we'll go to the caves.
Kiss your mother goodnight and remember that God saves.
A led her to a hole, a deep black well.
I said "make a wish, make sure and not tell and
close you're eyes dear, and count to seven.
You know your papa loves you, good children go to heaven.
I gave her a push, I gave her a shove.
I pushed with all my might, I pushed with all my love.
I through my child into a bottomless pit.
She was screaming as she fell, but I never heard her hit.

Gather round boys to this tale that I tell.
You wanna know how to take a short trip to hell?
It's guarenteed to get your own place in hell.
Just take your lovely daughter and push her in the well.
Take your lovely daughter and throw her in the well.
Don't speak to me of lovers, with a broken heart.
You wanna know what can really tear you apart?
I'm going out to the barn, will I never stop in pain?
I'm going out to the barn, to hang myself in shame.

Gone Daddy Gone

Beautiful girl
Lovely dress
Where she is now I can only guess
Cause it's gone daddy gone
The love is gone

Add it up

Going down the kitchen at the top of the stairs
Can I mix in with your affairs
Share a smoke, make a joke
Grasp and reach for a leg of hope
Words to memorize, words hypnotize
Words make my mouth exercise
Words all failed the magic prize
Nothing I can say when I'm in your thighs
Oh ma mumma mo ma mo ma muther
I would love to love you lover
City is restless, it's ready to pounce
Here in your bedroom, ounce for ounce
Oh ma mumma mumma mo ma muther
I would love to love you lover
The city is restless, it's ready to pounce
Here in your bedroom, ounce for ounce
I've given you, decision to make
Things to lose, things to take
Just as she's about ready to cut it up
She says wait a minute honey,
I'm gonna add it up

Blister in the Sun

Let me go on like I
Blister in the sun
Let me go on
Big hands, I know you're the one